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Accessory Equipment

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Pumping System
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Trimming Machine
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Vacuum System
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Compressed Air System
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Lamination Machine
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TPM Machinery offers a full line system for all of your pulping & fibre molding needs. Machinery producing formed products 100% biodegradable for every day use. TPM has proudly gained their experience in the pulp and fibre forming industry beginning in 1998 and continues to develop the machinery process with cutting edge technology unsurpassed in the pulping industry.

Eco-awareness and Sustainability:

In today's environmentally conscious world, you can use our process to further your on-package advertising by highlighting the 100% biodegradable nature of  your packaging as future federal and state mandates tighten demands for earth-friendly packaging, you will be in compliance. Molded pulp products are made of from either virgin pulp, recycled paper and cardboard waste, which leads to minimal impact to the environment. Molded pulp can be a direct replacement and perfect alternative for expanded polystyrene (EPS) and corrugated die-cut packaging in the new era of environmental awareness.
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