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TPM Pulp Molding Machinery

There are two types of Pulp Molding Machinery:

1. Oven Dry manufacturing process:

Slurry tank > Forming/Molding Process> Transfer Process > Drying Process > After-Press/Molding Process> Packaging.

2. Thermoformed Process:

Direct-Hot-Press system allows low unit cost manufacture of high precision Dry-In-Mold product in long runs. Direct-Hot-Press technology has been used extensively for the manufacture of cell-phone or electronic goods packaging. Produced goods can be automatically stacked and only one operator is required to operate (9) production lines with Direct-Hot-Press systems (exclude necessary packaging personnel).

Comparisons Between Oven Dry and Thermoforming Manufacturing Process:


1. Completely dehydrate the molded pulp products inside of the converse & concave moldings.

2. No distortion and variation in shape or size.

3. Smooth surface.

4. Space efficiency.

5. Suitable for product thickness (0.5mm -1.5mm).

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The "other" oven dryer process:

1. Molded pulp is to be dehydrated by air circulation in the high temperature furnace.

2. Distortion and variation in shape & size is inevitable.

3. Rough and coarse surface.

4. Large space occupation due to furnace conveyor belt.

5. Suitable for product thickness thicker than 1.5mm.

6. Higher capacity output (shorter production cycle time).

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