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Finished Products

Molded pulp products can be used widely in the production of food tableware, food packaging, medical articles, leisure articles and seedling cups, and be regarded as the packaging & cushioning materials to the general electronic & electric appliances. The industry with wide applications in food, clothing, housing, transportation and educating becomes the one being worthy of investment and development.
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1) Industrial packaging

Molded pulp for industrial packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard. It is shock absorbent and protects goods from damage in storage and during transit. It has excellent anti static properties and offers superior protection of goods than conventional polystyrene and extruded plastics packaging. It is ideal for sensitive electronic equipment and fragile items. It is much cheaper than conventional plastics based packaging leading to major raw materials cost savings in both the short and long term.


2) Horticultural products

Seed trays, seed pots, seed cubes and a variety of horticultural containers may be manufactured from molded pulp. The pulp used is from recycled paper and cardboard. The pulp is 100% non toxic and biodegradable.

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3) Food packaging

A wide variety of food containers may be manufactured using molded pulp. The pulp is non toxic and completely recyclable. The containers are waterproof and oil resistant and may be used in microwave ovens at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Applications include packaging for eggs, drinks, fruits, wines, instant noodle bowls, lunch boxes and disposable tableware such as plates and cups. Molded pulp has excellent thermal resistant properties and is ideal for hot drinks and cool drinks.

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Features of products:

The quality requirement is paid much attention to, especially with medical articles and food tableware among the many molded pulp products. Every country has product criteria requirements which are strictly considered. The molded pulp products are the best substitutes for white polluted EPS material tableware. Our molded pulp products produced by our TPM Series, the auto forming equipment, are world-class, with respect to surface, shape and quality and have the following features resulting from our many tests in the laboratory:

1) Able to add water to be heated in the microwave oven till boiling

2) Able to resist the average temperature 200 C

3) Able to resist hot oil 180 C and permeation

4) No heavy metal

5) No fluorescent materials

6) Biodegradable and recycling

7) The color of the product surface is the same as the color of the material

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Product Information Dept:

1) The establishment of allied networks:

TPM will assist all factories established under TPM guidance in setting up the union marketing network, production network and information network, for developing the domestic and overseas markets.

2) Group competition:

 Efficiently form a supply and sale market through the allied network and reach to factory orders and the many factories that are in support of production.

3) Economic Investment:

Invest a scale of a plant to reach the economic benefits of flexible purchase orders, flexible production scale and high profits.

4) Best choice:

Join the world trend environmental industry using world-advanced technology equipment, produce world-class quality products, obtain the complete R&D and production support, develop a world-wide market reaching the lowest cost, largest scale and best profit.

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